NFL Quarterback Club 2000
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North America Retail Box ArtAmerican Football is a strange sport to us Brits. Get a game that's like rugby, yet make it possible for each team to have 80 or so players, no real substitution rules, and, oh yeah, allow them to wear pads and crash helmets. For NFL Quarterback Club 2000 therefore, it's pretty easy to say that, if you're not a fan of American Football or have any vague idea of the rules, this game isn't for you. Set across both a live football sim and a management sim, this game is great if American football is your thing; strategic options galore and the actual task of playing out those moves mean that the game balances both sims equally and effectively. This game, might not have the kudos of the Madden series, but if you really are a true American football fan then this will have you running for that touchdown all night. If, however, like most of us, the nearest you ever get to American football is reading who's in the Superbowl, then you'll probably be bamboozled by the stats and tactic sheets. --Stuart Miles
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