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Date 2000-02-14
Publisher Sega
Date 2000-07-06
Publisher Sega
Sega continues its hard-hitting hockey series with NHL 2K--a game that skates back to the Sega Genesis roots of the franchise for some key elements of gameplay. Serious sports fans can take advantage of options that set up all the true NHL rules for each game, but the default settings make it easy for all gamers to hop right in and skate to victory.The skating is silky smooth and the graphics are extremely fast, including a motion-blurred puck during high-speed shots. There is nothing more satisfying than knocking the wind out of another team's lead scorer with the dedicated big-hit button, and the incredibly responsive controls make finesse shots possible. Icon-passing makes sure players get the puck to the correct man, and those who wish to leave nothing to chance can take control of their goalkeepers in midplay. --Jeff Young

- Officially licensed NHL action
- Play teams from six NHL divisions
- More than 700 motion-captured moves
- Commentary by ex-NHL coach Harry Neale
- Play-by-play commentary by Hall of Famer Bob Cole
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