Pen Pen TrilceLon
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher Atari
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtFor those of you who thought the Teletubbies were strange, watch out: here come the Penpens. Bizarre cartoon penguins and half-penguins, the Penpens live on an icy world far away. Once a year, they compete in a grand three-part race of belly surfing, ice walking, and swimming: the TriIcelon. Each racecourse features all three events, tied together with a unique theme such as Candy Land, Haunted House, or Toy Land. Kids and the young at heart are sure to get a kick out of the goofy Penpen characters. And controls are extremely simple: there's a general action button, used to jump while walking or to stroke while swimming or belly-surfing, and an attack button, which causes your Penpen to try to knock down a fellow TriIcelon contestant. These two features, and the game's cartoonish concept, make Penpen the most child-friendly game available. --Michael Fehlauer
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