Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Acclaim
Date N/A
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtRe-Volt is a remote-control car "simulator" that combines a convincing physics model with arcade elements to create one of the better racing games. The control pad is a little touchy, so it is probably a better idea to steer with the digital pad. The cars react to the tracks just like their real-life remote control counterparts do: flipping off curbs, absorbing suspension-jarring jumps, and bouncing off competing cars. The tracks are also realistic, letting players race through grocery stores, museums, neighbourhoods and the like. Acclaim even threw in a track editor so intrepid racers can design their own courses. Don't think that you can outrace the competition by simply droning around the track. Winning requires a combination of driving skill and a mastery of the game's myriad weapons, including oil slicks, bombs, bottle rockets and water balloons. The weapon effects do much to enhance the game's graphical appeal, which is immense to begin with. --T Byrl BakerPros: Realistic physics Slick graphics Track editor Cons: Controls are hard to get used to
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