San Francisco Rush 2049
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 19542
Date N/A
Publisher Midway
Date 2000-09-29
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtDoes tearing down the streets of San Francisco at death-inducing speeds appeal to you? If so, then San Francisco Rush 2049 is your game. However in 2049, the legendary hills and hairpin turns of the City by the Bay have been modified for extreme racing action, if not exactly deep gameplay. Still, it's the blazing speeds and colours that will keep arcade racing fans applying the pedal to the proverbial metal.If you're a fan of the Rush series, you'll be happy to see that the basic gameplay hasn't changed much. All races take place on tracks that feature wild colours and many twists and turns.As usual, the secret to winning Rush's races isn't so much driving ability, as it is finding all of the shortcuts on a given track. This time around you can actually make your car glide (by activating hidden wings) whenever it catches some air, a cool feature that feels somewhat under-utilised.As in previous Rush editions, the stunt mode offers arenas that will test your control of the cars' already ludicrously exaggerated physics. You will perform impossible manoeuvres in arenas that defy even fundamental laws of architecture. The more flips, spins and death-defying landings you pull off, the higher your score.After the race has been won, you will find that for near-mindless arcade racing/gliding/blasting/stunts, San Francisco Rush 2049 is a highly playable arcade racer that will make fans of the series, old and new, happy they own a Dreamcast. If you've never played a Rush game, this is an excellent intro to the series. --Mark Brooks
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