Sega Bass Fishing 2
Genre Sport -> Fishing and Hunting
Today's Rank 6759
Date 2001-08-24
Publisher Sega
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Based on Sega Bass Fishing, this sequel delivers the same arcade-style gameplay but adds a number of new features, including a robust selection of 100 lures, the ability to cast anywhere, enhanced real-time monitors, and more. What's striking about Sega Bass Fishing 2 is the leap it makes in terms of realism. The fish move with an elegant fluidity, while the water appears amazingly real. That's because this game's lakes are modeled after real-life ecology. You'll also notice that SBF2 is stocked with markedly smarter fish. To prepare you, Sega adds the AI Angler, a computerized master angler who dispenses bonus lures and fishing tips.
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