Sega GT
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 4556
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Date 2000-12-01
Publisher Sega
When you first pop in Sega GT, you'll be a bit sceptical. It doesn't just resemble the layout of Gran Turismo for the PlayStation; it's almost identical to it, from earning licenses to having your own garage and stocking it with brand-name cars.But the more you play, the more you will fall in love with Sega GT's silky graphics that speed along with only the slightest blurring at night. The scenery is so distracting that most players will have to remember to keep their eyes on the road.Usually, racing games can get pretty tiring, but Sega GT will hold most players, mainly because there are so many licenses you can earn from the auto manufacturers in the game, including Mazda, Suzuki and other mostly Japanese auto makers. One of the coolest features here allows you to create a car from scratch and then see how it stacks up on the track--chances are your first design won't do well.The only disappointment is that it discovers nothing new in its race to be better than the popular Gran Turismo, and it suffers from the same problems as the original--no matter how hard you push the accelerator button, a Toyota Yaris will only go at a snails pace around the track. --Robb Guido
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