Silent Scope
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Date 2000-11-17
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtWhen Silent Scope hit the arcades a couple of years ago, the idea of just playing a sniper got a lot of people excited. After all, it had always been alluded to in the multiplayer games on the PC, but never really concentrated on. Since that success, no multiplayer game today dare be released without the sniper rifle included.To answer these cries from hungry gamers, Konami have finally turned their arcade game into one for the console. Now before you get excited, unfortunately it doesn't come with a sniper rifle--imagine the fun the Daily Mail would have with that one--but what it does offer is the snipers viewpoint just like in the arcade.For those unfamiliar with the darkest of dungeons; the arcade, and lets face it, that's most of us, Silent Scope is a pure sniper game. Playing the part of a rifleman in a police swat team, your tasks are to take down as many bad guys as possible in the limited time you have. The more bad guys you shoot the more time you get, take too much time and the game soon ends, but luckily this time that doesn't mean another £1 in the slot.The scenery varies from building rooftops to circling helicopters as you try and increase your accuracy and hit ratio. The controls, you will be pleased to know, are easier with the help of the joypad, although you can't but help wish that you really could play this with a sniper rifle to add to the realism of it all.If you have whittled away many an afternoon playing in the arcade while you should have been someplace else, this is definitely worth the investment; and for new players too this offers what everyone has been screaming for; a pure sniper game. --Stuart Miles
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