South Park Rally
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
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Date 2000-07-28
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtStan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are back, in an all-new game based on the cult American cartoon South Park. South Park Rally pits the various residents of South Park against each other in a go-kart style race, not unlike Mario Kart 64. Every part of South Park plays a role in the game from the loveable wildlife to even the locations. From this rich source, Acclaim Entertainment Ltd has managed to produce a game that is visually stunning, whilst still staying faithful to Matt Stone's and Trey Parker's creations, making the game instantly recognisable when placed next to its peers. Completing one of the many gaming modes unlocks hidden characters, additional game modes or tracks stored in the game, making this game high on the replay value.South Park Rally's game engine may not be as sophisticated as a real driving simulation, but by adding extra controllers, with the option of 4 players, fun will still be had by all.Fans of racing games and South Park need look no further than South Park Rally. However, for gamers who require a more realistic edge to their racing, Tokyo Highway Challenge may be a better option. --Alex Leung
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