Speed Devils
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 7941
Date N/A
Publisher Ubisoft
Date N/A
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtFast-paced, arcade-style driving action hits the Dreamcast in the form of Ubi Soft's Speed Devils--only this time, it's personal. The first thing you'll notice is the game's emphasis on presenting recognisable rivals throughout the races. Instead of competing against faceless "computer" foes, you meet 17 rival drivers with distinct personalities; these defining characteristics come out in their driving tendencies. Yu Kioto's calm demeanour, for example, is reflected in his calculated, mistake-free driving. It's a cool feature that gives the single-player game depth: you not only have to handle wacky obstacles as you roar around the track, but you have to handle each driver differently. Speed Devils sports three gameplay modes: arcade, championship,and multiplayer. While the multiplayer mode lets you take on a friend in several different challenges and races, the meat of the gameplay is in the championship mode. The goal here is to progress through several driving classes. Each race nets you prize money, augmented by any side bets or special missions you've agreed to perform. Use the money to buy a better car or improve the one you've got; all the upgrades help you win more races, which moves you farther up the ranks and closer to your eventual goal of taking down the mysterious Driver X. With wild tracks and gameplay that radiates with personality, Speed Devils is an expansive and delightful racer. --Sajed Ahmed
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