Genre Simulation -> Space
Today's Rank 3557
Date N/A
Date 2001-03-30
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtSpace is well known as the final frontier and Starlancer takes the gamer on an electrifying journey through the cosmos. The universe as we know it has changed and is now dominated by the Eastern Coalition and the Western Alliance. After a surprise attack by the Eastern Coalition that leads to carnage, it is the gamer's duty to uphold the Alliance's defences as part of the 45th Volunteers squadron.Starlancer gamers are quickly introduced to the excitement of cosmic dogfights. The 3-D graphics are slightly hard on the eye at first, but once gamers inure themselves to this, they are a fitting background to the combat. The gamer is given a number of missions that range from escorting marine boarding ships to freeing POWs.The main thrust of the game, however, is destruction and a stunning array of laser weapons will satisfy the most masochistic of gamers. This is shoot 'em up in its purest form and great fun. --Paul Munford
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