Super Magnetic Neo
Genre Action -> Platform
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Date N/A
Date 2000-08-04
North America Retail Box ArtWhen one used to talk about the platform game, it would normally involve a conversation about sonic or Mario in the good old days. Recently the idea of running a character across a bright and colour screen, collecting, bouncing and generally having fun, whilst solving simple problems has been non-existent. Well, that is until now. In steps Super Magnetic Neo, a hapless title styled on a sonic-meets-Mario-meets-Crash-Bandicoot sort of affair. With colourful graphics, a gamestyle that sees you running into the screen in a puesdo 3D-esque landscape, this game just oozes fun. The Wacky, if not different plot, revolves around Pinki a naughty toddler who whittles away her time working out ways to sabotage Pao Pao Park. To stop her mischievous activities, the Professor sends out his robotic creation--wait for it--called the Super Magnetic Neo to battle against the evil Pinki. You control Neo, and it's your task to return Pao Pao Park back to the pleasant state that it used to be in. This game is basic and simple, with the tried method of playing, dying, playing some more, dying and then eventually getting to the end of the levels being used. To put it simply, Super Magnetic Neo just has that je ne sais quoi that Crash had when it first made it onto our screens.--Stuart Miles
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