Tee Off Golf
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The first golf title for the Dreamcast, Tee Off is in the vein of arcade-style golf games like the Hot Shots Golf series on the PlayStation. Players control big-headed, Japanese animation-style characters on vibrantly-colored 3-D courses. Shots are viewed from multiple camera angles--including some mesmerizing aerial views--with the ball leaving a fading trail behind it. While Tee Off does require some basic golf knowledge, it uses a standardized control scheme which even those who've never played video golf will be able to pick up on right away. In addition to customizable difficulty levels, Tee Off offers various modes of play, including gate ball (think croquet in cyberspace) and world tour, which rewards players' high scores by "unlocking" new characters and equipment. Admittedly, Tee Off isn't for devotees of more simulation-oriented golf titles, as they'll probably pass it off as kiddie fare. However, casual video golfers and those new to the armchair sport are in for one heck of a good time on the links. --Joe Hon Pros: Highly addictive arcade-style gameplay Great replay value Gate ball (cybercroquet) mode Cons: Japanese to English language translation is weak at times May not appeal to fans of more simulation-oriented golf titles
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