Toy Commander
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 14023
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Most of us remember waging monumental battles and planning out complicated rescues with toy planes, boats, and such in our youth. Now you can do the same, virtually, in Sega's Toy Commander. The premise is straight from a six-year-old's dream: some of your toys have gone bad and are rampaging through eight rooms in your intricately detailed home. It's up to you to take command of the loyal toys and lead them through 50 individual missions to put a stop to the plastic menace. The progressively more difficult missions, consisting of action sorties like rescuing toy steamboats from malicious submarines, or strategic ones like transporting eggs into a pot of boiling water, are anything but a tea party. All missions fit comfortably within the game's storyline and can be seriously challenging. The sense of scale, as you commandeer the game's 35 vehicles, is true to the look of an ordinary room to a tiny toy. Fun and offering a surprising amount of depth, Toy Commander is a nostalgic, innovative, and entertaining romp. --Sajed Ahmed Pros: 4-player split-screen death match mode, using any of the 35 vehicles in one of the eight rooms All the vehicles look and handle very differently, adding to the gameplay Impressive detail and interactivity in the game's environments Varied missions include warlike action, racing, and strategy elements Cons: Tedious mission goals could prove frustrating
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