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TrickStyle TrickStyle United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTrickStyle is one of the most stylishly pleasing games. And the Dreamcast version really pumps out the pixels with fluid animation that effortlessly follows the hoverboard riders along the tracks. One of the game's designers recently explained that the concept behind the game was for riders to find the path of least resistance, taking one graceful path down the track like "a drop of mercury". This is a great concept but this drop met many a brick wall on its way to uncertain victory. The tracks in TrickStyle are not player-friendly, and neither are the computer-controlled opponents that act more like flawless robots than flesh-and-blood competitors. Still, this game looks so cool, you can't resist playing it. The requisite tricks from snowboarding games are here, but this time they actually add important power-ups to your repertoire, favouring function over, dare we say, style. To save yourself the frustration of trying to consistently win races, you should enjoy this game by watching the screen while other more nimble or less leisure-time-deficient friends play. --Jeff Young Pros: Jaw-dropping graphics and animation Functional board tricks Contemporary styling Cons: Difficult racetracks Unrealistically skilled computer opponents Need to place first in order to progress
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TrickStyle North America Retail Box Art

TrickStyle United Kingdom Retail Box Art