Virtua Tennis
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Date 2000-09-08
Publisher Sega
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtEvery year Wimbledon comes and goes, and for two weeks the country is crazed at the prospect of Tim Henman or Greg Rusedski getting past the first round. Then when Wimbledon blows over, us British folk seem to go back to watching football and playing rugby. Yet Sega have different plans for us--Virtua Tennis for the Dreamcast. To get it out of the way at the beginning of the review, this game is great, it's a must-have for the Dreamcast, one of those pick-up-and-play classics. Whether you are a tennis fan or not this is a smash. To start with, the gameplay is outstanding. With only 2 buttons to get used to--a lob and a smash button--the game takes it for granted that you'll not going to be the best computer tennis gameplayer, but as the game progresses and you become a confident to try new moves you'll notice that every shot in a tennis players armoury is available; hold the analogue button longer in one direction and you'll get better swerve, want that slice and it's a different order of buttons altogether. Virtua Tennis doesn't stop here either with not only boasting the original arcade version, but also an exhibition level to allow you to practise with the different players like Henman and Courier and courts like grass and clay, as well as a World Circuit arena. The World Circuit arena, which is based on a similar option in Soul Calibur, allows you to compete in both training and match challenges to earn money to buy extra features like new players and courts, giving you a great single player options to complement the amazing multiplayer options that the game has. The multiplayer option is probably the craziest on any console yet with Sega using the extra controller resources of the Dreamcast to the max, by allowing both two player and four player doubles matches. This game oozes appeal, everything from balance between single and multiplayer options and gameplay to even the smooth and wonderful graphics. You'll approach this game with abated breath as whether a tennis game is for you, and you'll leave wanting to book those tickets for Wimbledon.
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