Wild Metal
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtPerhaps a better name for this game would be Mild Metal, because playing it won't likely raise your temperature. Playing this enjoyable mission-based tank game is rather meditative, in that players are required to think tactically in order to reach their goals. Don't expect to be wowed by graphics or sound effects, but do bring your brain for this old-school treasure hunt that looks and feels much more like a PC game than a Dreamcast title. To beat each level, players must drive a tank around large, hilly, desolate areas while scooping up precious containers of glowing energy capsules before dropping them off at your home base. This game challenges the player with a wildly varying elevation and drab-colored terrain. The control scheme for shooting is also tough to tackle. Players fire their tank's cannon by pressing a button, but holding the button down will increase the angle of trajectory. Not only that, the energy capsules are often obstructed, requiring all sorts of physical puzzle solving to get at them. While not exactly thrill-a-minute, this game has plenty of depth and challenge to keep thoughtful gamers happy for quite some time. --Jeff Young Pros: New control scheme Impressive explosions Fun puzzle solving gameplay Cons: Drab graphics and sound fail to excite the senses

- Fight to save humankind in this 3rd-person action-based tank game
- Command specialized mercenary unit; hunt down killer machines one by one
- Dozens of landscapes to cover; plenty of weaponry to shoot
- New control scheme; impressive explosions; fun puzzle-solving gameplay
- For 1 or 2 players
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