Worms World Party
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 18873
Date N/A
Date 2001-04-27
Publisher N/A
Worms World Party is the latest from the world of the Worms--the little critters with the cult following. For those who haven't come across the franchise before, it's a sort of mixture of Lemmings and Hogs of War--a turn-based battle which can only be won by careful planning and ingenuity. As it's a turn-based game, you have to be aware of your actions and plan accordingly. The range of weapons available to you is not only vast but hilarious, from the conventional grenade to the bizarre sheep launcher. Use a mixture of weapons to pick off your opposition and emerge victorious. Weapon skill is vital and a range of training levels is available alongside the various playing modes which include death match, individual missions and time attack. The graphics and sound are very good and the Worms are brimming with character; their mannerisms add a certain originality to the game. Online games can also be coordinated to compete against your friends. Those familiar with the Worms games will recognise Worms World Party and may be a little disappointed; however, die-hard fans and newcomers to the game will love it. --Chris Hall
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