Zombie Revenge
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher Sega
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThink you undid the undead in Dreamcast's gun-crazy fright fest? Think again. The zombies from House of the Dead 2 are back, and they want revenge for your gun-happy ways. In a change from House of the Dead's first-person viewpoint, Zombie Revenge places all characters (including hordes of attacking zombified souls) in a third-person camera view. A perfect translation of the arcade game by the same name, Zombie Revenge also offers up an original mode that features a few small differences, including the option to play with powered-up guns or in bare knuckles mode (without the aid of handguns). The graphics are crisp and clean, but the controls are mired in poor response time, and too many functions are assigned to the same buttons. Fans of the arcade version will rejoice at not having to pump coins into a machine, but average zombie-hunting folks might be better off with Sega's other spooky shooter, House of the Dead 2. --Jeff Young Pros: A seamless arcade-to-Dreamcast conversion Interesting VMU minigames enable players to add strength to their characters Impressive graphics Cons: Ambiguous controls No save-game feature You can only carry one weapon at a time
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