Advance Wars DS
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2005-08-23
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2005-09-30
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: The greatest strategy game in portable history maneuvers onto the DS with new units, new COs (commanding officers), new game modes and the most addictive gameplay this side of Tetris. It may not have much in the looks department but in gameplay terms this is the supermodel of turn-based combat.The lowdown: Mixing chess-like complexities with an anime plotline, Advance Wars is one of gaming’s most unlikely heroes. This marks the most significant overhaul of the series yet with six new units and dozens of new features, including a real-time mode. The stylus control and dual screen display are really just gimmicks though, and it’s the new dual strike attacks that are the most interesting idea, with COs double teaming for some battle turning super moves. COs can also gain "experience", as in a role-playing game, allowing you to fine tune your army’s abilities like never before.Most exciting moment:A tense four way battle against friends that ends in a double whammy duel strike from hell.Since you ask:The Advance Wars series has been going since 1988 in Japan, where it’s known as Famicom Wars. The first to make it to the UK was Advance Wars 1 on the GBA in 2002. Advanced or not, war has historically been viewed as a bad thing.The bottom line:The best DS game yet and probably the best Advance Wars ever. Harrison Dent

- Fight it out in all-new Survival and Combat modes
- Command a fleet of fighters high in the skies while troops clash with the enemy on the ground far below
- Use the top screen for quick-reference battle intel, or take control in battles that rage across both screens
- New COs & Tag-Team battles - Choose from new Commanding Officers, and combine their powers for incredible attacks that can turn the tide of battles
- For a battle with a twist, players lead soldiers into Combat Mode - a fast-paced, action-oriented battle against a storm of enemies
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