Alien Havoc
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 12471
Date 2009-05-29
Publisher Creat Studios
Date 2009-05-29
Publisher Creat Studios
Alien Havoc is a throwback to the classic arcade game genre, putting gamers in command of a little alien who must pluck cows from farms on Earth, load them onto his spaceship, and bring them back to his home planet. The farmers, however, wonít let their cows go without a fight. Players must tackle wrapping farm mazes of confusion, play hide and sneak under the cover of tall grass, and throw veggies, rocks, or whatever they can get their alien claws on at the farmers as they fight to bring these valuable livestock back to their home world.

Classic Gameplay. Getting back to the basics, your objective is to fight the farmers and clear each level of all cows and reach the end with the highest score possible.Challenge yourself. 20 wacky levels, delivering a mix of mazes, puzzles and action.Unlockable mini game. Work your way through the levels and unlock the hidden mini game.Customizable. Choose from four alien heads (three of which must be unlocked) and customize the color of your alienís body, head and eyes.
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