Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2010-04-09
Publisher Motion Twin
Date 2010-04-09
Publisher Motion Twin
Combining the classic brick-breaking concept with RPG features and a touch of the shoot-'em-up video game genre, AlphaBounce offers an endless universe with millions of levels.Throughout their adventures players will be able to amass a vast collection of equipment, containing many items which will drastically change the rules of the game.The player is a prisoner of the powerful ESCorp, an intergalactic mining corporation which exploits the mineral resources of the galaxy.
With the help of his envelope (the ship), the prisoner must break through the mass of rocks which blocks the game area in order to clear the zone and progress to the next level.

MILLIONS of levels!
Dozens of different types of bonuses, planets and envelopes.
Hundred of upgrades available for the envelopes.
Over 40 different bricks with various special effects.
Multiple strategic equipment choices.
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