Baby Pals
Genre Kids -> Kids
Today's Rank 15780
Date 2008-11-19
Date 2008-03-07
Publisher THQ
Bring hours of baby fun home in Baby Pals, a game where you get to do all the fun things real parents do like feeding, bathing, playing with and teaching your baby. If you’re a really good parent, your little angel will even love you back.…kootchy kootchy koo!

Tickle, play peek-a-boo and even patty cake with your baby then listen to your buttercup coo and giggle with delight.
Customize your baby’s physical appearance, the type of clothes your baby wears and the toys your baby plays with.
Teach your baby how to talk, crawl and even walk.
Utilize your stylus in several unique ways ranging from using it as a spoon to feed your baby to using it as a bar of soap to clean your baby.
Earn unlockable items like new toys, cute clothes, and wacky accessories for your baby. Leopard print diapers anyone?
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