Boom Boom Squaries
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2011-02-28
Date 2011-02-28
Boom Boom Squaries is the new puzzle game from Gamelion, set in the Furry Legends universe. The clash between good and evil continues as you have to repel yet another invasion of furballs lands, led by the evil Squarie King. Use your wits and press your luck in your attempt to complete the numerous levels and game modes in this fast paced and extremely addictive puzzle challenge.

Some squaries have special powers so use tactics in order to destroy them and complete all 68 levels and 4 game modes. On your way collect diamonds and gold coins to gain as much points and achieve the highest score possible. By clearing the levels you will uncover fun facts about the Furry Legends universe and its inhabitants. Do you have what it takes to save the furballs from the dark threat approaching?

* Addictive gameplay – Boom Boom Squaries is totally addictive, so please be prepared for the strong feeling of trying ‘just one more time’ to beat the challenge.
* Fun and colorful arts – enjoy the funny and colorful graphics while you fight the numerous invaders.
* Fun facts about Furry Legends Universe - discover all the fun facts about the universe by beating all the challenges.
* Vast amount of levels – complete all 68 levels and 4 game modes on your way to victory.
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