Car Jack Streets
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 34968
Date 2010-03-19
Publisher Tag Games
Date 2010-03-19
Publisher Tag Games
Following on from the success of the iPhone and iPod Touch version now NintendoDSi™ players are able to sample the delights of this critically acclaimed crime, action and driving game. Starring as Randal Meyers, a petty criminal with a long standing gambling habit and a streak of bad luck, the player must complete all manner of criminal and legitimate tasks to repay a $1 million debt to the Italian mob. Featuring a unique real-time game mechanic Car Jack Streets requires the player to pay back $50,000 of the debt each week or face certain death. It’s a fight for survival in a city gone mad!

- Unique real time game-play
- Infinite number of criminal and legitimate jobs to attempt
- A huge and detailed 3D city to explore
- Over 30 vehicles to steal and smash including a tank and helicopter!
- Big weapons for massive explosions
- City map and GPS system
- Lots of achievements, frenzies and hidden stuff
- Clowns
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