Command and Destroy DS
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2008-02-15
Date 2008-03-14
Command and Destroy DS is a classic real-time strategy well known on PC platform such as Dune 2, Red Alert, KKnD or Starcraft. It offers all important features, well-known from PC real-time strategies, which guarantees maximum gameplay experience.Player acquires credits by exploitation of oil and uses them to build his army. By credits player can build new structures, new units and new technologies. It is up to player strategic planning and his choice tactics to defeat the enemy. Considering that player can produce many utilities with several functions there are numerous prospects of strategic planning and warfare strategy.

Decide which side to command each with their own 12 mission campaign.
The human and alien forces have different infantry, vehicles, facilities and heavy-duty weaponry at their disposal meaning that you'll have to adjust your tactics and playing style to suit the units under your command.
Build, maintain and defend your base from enemy attack. To do this you will have to raise credits by refining oil and then make decisions about where to spend your hard earned credits.
Strategic management of infantry, facilities and vehicles is essential for a successful campaign. This puts you in absolute control of your army and its ultimate destiny.
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