Commando: Steel Disaster
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 1316
Date N/A
Date N/A
Assuming the role of ‘Storm’, who is extremely agile with a plethora of actions, players will battle against arch enemy hoodlum organization ‘Rattlesnake’ and its henchmen. Besides basic actions, such as shoot, jump and throw, Storm has a rolling maneuver to dodge enemy strikes that is extended further with additional diversification to ensure a grueling but progressive challenge!

The story to 07 Commando explains that rebel organization ‘Rattlesnake’ instigated conflict by utilizing heavy weaponry to gain control of the world but ‘Storm’ of 07 Commando receives orders to stop the ambition of Rattlesnake and puts an end to their domination.

Fluent and smooth presentation
A myriad of enemies appear at any one time
Dramatic battle scenes
Interesting foes and shocking bosses
Collectable items to unlock hidden stages
Mini games with their own style and gameplay
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Commando: Steel Disaster Trailer
4.95MB - 46 downloads - 17 March, 2008

Quicktime format - 52 seconds

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07 Commando Teaser
6.01MB - 130 downloads - 20 August, 2007

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