Deep Labyrinth
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 3208
Date 2006-08-15
Publisher Nintendo
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtDeep Labyrinth lets you explore a world populated by magical creatures and monstrous foes. Descend, if you dare, into the dark heart of the Labyrinth, in the first 3D first-person RPG for the Nintendo DS. Take advantage of the DS's dual screens and touch screen to explore dozens of dungeon levels, fighting hordes of hideous monsters in real-time with swords and spells. Two engrossing scenarios weave two amazing stories -- one for newcomers to role-playing games, and one for RPG veterans.

- The first DS game with real-time first-person combat
- Use the touch-screen for epic sword-swinging and spell-casting
- Boss battles too epic to be contained on a single screen!
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