Diner Dash Review

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Graphics: 5.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6
Review by Jen Soldan
It’s your typical repetitively addictive game that you can play online just about anywhere. The value of this game is that you can “buy” upgrades for your restaurants that your character just suddenly decides one day that they must own. Each level of the game gives you a monetary goal that you must reach in order to save up enough money to get the next upgrade for your restaurant. Which includes anything from a new floor, new door, or a soda machine, hurrah. The levels start out easy enough, small monetary goals, small amount of customers, but further along in the levels, the harder the goals become, the more annoying the customers get. With the only way to gain enough money is to try to match color-coded seats to what each customer is wearing, it becomes a pain very quickly. Also customers who talk on their cell phones disrupt your customers and cause their happiness level to go down drastically. I’m sure in the online version of this game, titled some variation of Diner Dash, you would just get too fed up with the game to even get this far.

The audio for the game does in fact give you the feeling of being in a restaurant. It has the background music that no one has ever heard before, the sounds of talking customers, crying babies, the ding of ‘order up.’

Overall, you can own up 5 restaurants, each with their own different theme (Mexican, seafood, etc), similar upgrades, different wardrobes, same annoying customers, and all selling the exact same slice of pizza.