Disney Princess: Magical Jewels
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Date N/A
Disney Interactive Studios brings the magic of Disney Princess to the Nintendo DS, allowing girls to take their favourite Princesses anywhere they go. Disney Princess: Magical Jewels presents Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine and Ariel in a fun-filled adventure, designed specifically for how young girls play games. Disney Princess: Magical Jewels invites girls to take on the role of one of the Disney Princesses as they travel through enchanted levels at their own pace and skill level to recover the magical jewels and restore the magical power of the kingdom. Players can use the touch screen to interact with environments, solve puzzles and help each Disney Princess on her journey. A challenging but accessible experience for the younger player and older player alike, Disney Princess: Magical Jewels incorporates puzzle and adventure elements in the beloved Disney Princess' worlds. Multiplayer modes allow players to challenge a friend for twice the fun.

Play as one of your favourite Disney Princesses as you adventure through fun-filled enchanted locations
Recover the stolen Magical Jewels and restore the magical power of the kingdom in a new Disney Princess story
Collect a variety of in-game items throughout the levels to unlock each Princess's golden dress
Use the DS stylus to draw in missing areas of the kingdom (i.e. bridges, steps etc.)
Challenge a friend in wireless multiplayer mini games
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