DodoGo! Challenge
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2010-11-26
Date 2010-11-26
The story of DodoGo! Challenge begins in the Cretaceous period on Domo Island where the survival of the Dodo is threatened by a tidal wave that has swept away the inhabitants home, leaving their eggs treacherously scattered across a desolate rock in the middle ocean.Featuring nearly 100 captivating missions, players using their Nintendo DSi stylus to guide eggs back to their nest through a range of inhospitable environments whilst encountering predators, obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Players are armed with a toolbox and their own creativity as they manage the environment to lead the Dodo eggs to safety undamaged. Players progress through levels interacting with their environment to progress by digging, filling, sawing, scraping and cutting.
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DodoGo! Challenge Trailer
69.62MB - 37 downloads - 26 November, 2010

1:47 of gameplay footage

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