Dungeon Raiders
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Explore massive dungeons scattered with countless booby-traps, fight off hundreds of crazed creatures coming in your way and solve dozens of exciting puzzles. From the halls of Count Dracula’s mansion to the heart of Egyptian pyramids, from pirates’ caves to frozen hell, the absolutely insane quest of Dungeon Raiders will take you on a hilarious and fun-filled journey through the wackiest universe ever.

Dungeon Raiders’ gameplay was especially designed for the Nintendo DS. You’ll have to use the touch screen functions as well as the stylus and the microphone to activate mechanisms,

overcome traps, and destroy your enemies. Thanks to the game’s original magic system, you’ll be able to cast more or less serious spells that will greatly help you in your quest. Help your team members evolve throughout the adventure, unlock new spells and improve your heroes’ skills to become the master of the games’ dungeons in this insane action-RPG!

Lead and control a team of three wild heroes in a tumultuous adventure.
A crazy universe filled with a mix of unique environments with about twenty dungeons to explore.
Hours and hours of crazy gameplay!
Find secret dungeons to extend the fun!
Overcome numerous, varied and zany monsters who are ready to do anything to put a wrench in your progress.
Numerous puzzles to solve and booby-traps to overcome by using the Nintendo DS’ unique functions.
An original magic system and outrageous spells to unlock – including the Speed Fart, Telekinesis or Splitting.
Help your team evolve and improve your heroes’ skills.
An intuitive control system that takes advantage of all of Nintendo’s handheld system’s functions.
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