Fossil Fighters: Champions
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
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Date N/A
Publisher Nintendo
Date N/A
Publisher Nintendo
In this dino-tastic sequel, players get some hands-on time to hunt and clean fossils, and revive and battle Vivosaurs. A fossil park is hosting a large-scale tournament in which competitors enter Vivosaurs created from dinosaur fossils into competition. Fossil Fighters from all over the world compete against one another to find out who is the best Fossil Fighter.


* Players excavate and clean fossils. New Giant Fossil Rocks (containing complete Dinosaur fossils) and Odd Fossil Rocks (which are two-sided) add to the fun of the cleaning process.
* Once the fossils have been cleaned, they can be revived into Vivosaurs, which players can then arrange into teams for battles. The better the fossils have been cleaned, the more powerful the Vivosaurs are in battle.
* Strategy is key in battles. Players must put forth teams of three Vivosaurs, then rotate their positions to maximize their power advantage over opponents.
* New "Super Evolver" Vivosaurs evolve into new forms with the help of golden fossils.
* Players can compete in matchmaking battles or upload their best team to see how it fares against others. Players can also download additional Vivosaurs and events.
* Using DS Download Play, one player who has the game can link up wirelessly with another Nintendo DS owner within range so both can cooperate to expertly clean fossils together.
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Super Fossil Fighters E3 2011 Trailer (HD)
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