Foto Showdown
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 6999
Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Date N/A
Publisher Konami
Foto Showdown allows players to snap photos with the Nintendo DSi which uses advanced color recognition to spawn monsters based on the dominant colors in those photos. Players pit their battle tested monsters against rivals in no-holds-barred turn based duels that put the unique powers of each monster to the test. As players progress through more than 100 levels, winning tournaments and beating opponents, they'll be able to upgrade their powers, purchase more powerful weapons, add medicine and tools providing the ability to wreak greater havoc on their duelist partner! The longer you play the stronger you get.Players can simultaneously fight with up to six monsters at a time and become progressively stronger as they win battles, ultimately collecting up to 152 different monsters each with unique abilities. Players will be thrust into fast and furious tournaments and compete to win three kinds of cameras that open new levels and new monsters. Visit the store to buy or sell monsters and purchase an array of upgrades and equipment making your collection of monsters a fearless force of destruction. Connecting via local wireless connection allows gamers to unleash a multiplayer face-off or swap battle hardened monsters from their decks.
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Foto Showdown Walkthrough Trailer #1
35.54MB - 15 downloads - 26 February, 2010

1:34 of gameplay footage

play Foto Showdown Walkthrough Trailer #1 download Foto Showdown Walkthrough Trailer #1
Foto Showdown Enemies Trailer
38.43MB - 19 downloads - 22 January, 2010

1:30 of gameplay footage

play Foto Showdown Enemies Trailer download Foto Showdown Enemies Trailer
Foto Showdown Trailer
48.53MB - 21 downloads - 15 December, 2009

This game puts photo skills to the test in one of the first DSi titles to incorporate photography as an active gameplay mechanic (2:01)

play Foto Showdown Trailer download Foto Showdown Trailer