Genius DS – Equal Cards
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
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1+1=2 and 5-3+6=8 – sound like homework for kids? No way! Genius DS – Equal Cards challenges the minds of both old and young with a stack of colorful numbered cards that must be sorted until you arrive at the correct sum. A variety of difficulty levels and the addictive gameplay make Genius DS – Equal Cards a terrific game for the whole family. Use the time you spend sitting at the airport or in your doctor’s waiting room to train your brain! Enjoy this unique brain enhancer on Nintendo DS!

4 different game modes, from formulas to towers built out of numbers
Innovative and exciting gameplay
Learn to solve complex puzzles to improve your brain performance!
Easy controls and game menu
Use the innovative Nintedo DS user interface to master the challenges
Multiplayer VS Mode
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