Heroes of Mana
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
Breathing new life into the vaunted Mana franchise, HEROES of MANA takes the beloved series into an entirely new dimension. Generals will plan, plot and strategize their way to victory on the battlefield. Command an army of heroes, creatures and beloved rabites with the use of the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, and experience an all-new perspective on the ever-evolving battle for the Mana Tree. Skilled players can see how they rank among other players around the world through the Nintendo Wi-Fi ranking system.

• Real-time strategy that makes full use of the Nintendo DS Touch Screen – the intuitive control scheme allows players to lead armies, build bases and vanquish their foes entirely through the use of the Nintendo DS stylus
• Intense head-to-head multiplayer allows friends to challenge each other via DS Wireless Communications
• Command heroes and monsters alike from the MANA series and lead them to victory on the battlefield
• The signature MANA art style comes to life in a fantastic blend of 2D and 3D environments
• KINGDOM HEARTS series composer Yoko Shimomura delivers a stirring soundtrack that captures the essence of the WORLD of MANA series
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