I Did it Mum! 2
Genre Kids -> Kids
Today's Rank 31567
Date 2008-11-07
Publisher 505 Games
Date 2008-11-07
Publisher 505 Games
I Did it Mum! 2 comes in two different versions: Boy and Girl. Alongside 13 fresh mini-games, each version includes five exclusive games that will specifically appeal to either gender. So, girls will be counting flowers, while boys get to grips with speeding motor cars. Both versions will help pre-school children to develop vital skills, including counting and reading, thanks to fun bursts of gameplay featuring charming characters and colourful graphics.

18 different mini-games
Five exclusive boy or girl-themed mini-games in each version
New pet companion: cat, dog or chick
Up to six birthday or memorable dates can be added to a special diary
Fully controlled with the touch screen
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