Junior Brain Trainer
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date N/A
Give young brains a fitness workout with this fun and innovative DS brain training product, designed to improve reading, writing, spelling, maths, geometry, logic and problem-solving skills.

Snakes - a game of skill and timing that requires a snake to be guided around the screen to collect coloured sweets but if the snake hits its own tail, its game over!

Football the stylus is used to move a football boot across the screen kicking a ball against the wall to remove bricks. Dont miss the ball or a life is lost!

Beggar My Neighbour tap on a pile of playing cards with the stylus to play a move against the console. Who ever has the highest card wins the hand - the overall winner is the player who collects all the cards.

Balloon Pop - the D-pad is used to move a sling shot to the left and right. The A button fires at the balloons and pops them when on target. Balloons may fire back though!

Twins - a memory game requiring pairs of people to be matched up against a time limit.

Ghosts - use the stylus to touch a ghost and capture it. The ghosts are quick though and as many as possible must be caught within the time limit.
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