King's Table
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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King’s Table was, and is, a game about attack and defense! It is a highly addictive game aimed at the Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™ - featuring a single-player option against an artificial opponent, and a multi-player option against another human opponent. The rules of King’s Table are easy to learn, but mastering the game takes practice, perseverance, patience, strategic skills and a little luck! It is a game which, because of its simplistic nature, yet still being highly addicting, is attractive to all audiences: hardcore, as well as the casual player seeking a quick thrill on-the-go!

King’s Table DS is the 1st version to appear on any current handheld & gaming console!
Video Tutorial included!
Highly addicting Single- & Multi-Player game with multiple difficulty levels!
Undo, Redo, Suggest & Switch Sides features for beginners!
Easy to learn, hard to master! Play as attacker or as defender!
Customizable music & sound effect settings
Tournament mode for experienced users; defeat 9 increasingly difficult boards!
Optional dice and timer features add additional challenges and fun!
Six unique board configurations!
Save & Pause features allowing you to take a break from the action
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