Littlest Pet Shop
Genre Kids -> Kids
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Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
LITTLEST PET SHOPTM brings the magic of owning your own pet shop to your home.LITTLEST PET SHOP is a game targeted at girls of age 6 - 12.The player will spend most of her time exploring her Pet Shop and earning Kibble Coins as she plays in either the free play mode or in mini-games. Kibble Coins will buy her over 100 accessories for her pets as well as tons of playsets for the 2008 toy-line. The LITTLEST PET SHOP video game is the newest addition to her growing LITTLEST PET SHOP collection.

Over 75 MM pets sold since its
initial launch in 2004
The average LITTLEST PET SHOP girl owns +20 pets!
Over 1 million LITTLEST PET SHOP girls track their pets online
Why now is the time for a LITTLEST PET SHOP Video Game
Currently, 38% of game players are female (Electronic Software Assn.)
33% of all DS owners are female.
Your favorite LITTLEST PET SHOP pets come to life!
Collect and play with 32 of the most popular pets from the LITTLEST PET SHOP on the Wii and PC. The Nintendo DS versions have 20 pets.
Explore and Play in Pet Sized Worlds!
Explore and interact with your pets in four unique worlds, pet plaza, winter, jungle and garden.
Collect Pet Playsets!
Complete and achieve 16 puzzles and mini-games to earn new pets, accessories and playsets.
Plan Parties!
Celebrate pet birthdays on the Nintendo DSTM by planning festive LITTLEST PET SHOP style birthday parties.
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