Music on: Acoustic Guitar
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
Today's Rank 0
Date 2010-09-06
Publisher Abylight
Date 2010-09-10
Publisher Abylight
Priced 200 Nintendo DSi Points, this application, second of the "Music on" series, will transform your Nintendo DSi in an acoustic guitar.

* +900 chords.
* 8 definable chords on the Control Pad.
* Intensity detection while strumming.
* Palm mute function.
* Shows how to place the fingers in a real guitar.
* 5 accompaniment styles: Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Country, Ballad and Blues.
* 4 variations for each accompaniment.
* 8 predefined chord selection per style.
* Metronome.
* Save up to 10 sessions (chords, tempo and style selected).
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