NARUTO Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date N/A
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The 3D fighting game follows the storyline of the popular NARUTO Shippuden anime series and showcases the grown up, new look of Naruto and his friends. Armed with more ninja moves than ever before, players will put their skills to the test as they battle in head-to-head matches on their quest to save whats most important to them: their friendships.

NARUTO Shippuden content for the Nintendo DS V Gamers can play an array of characters, like members of the Akatsuki, with new jutsu techniques from the NARUTO Shippuden anime series
More than 30 playable characters, including both all-new NARUTO Shippuden characters as well as legacy characters, sporting their new NARUTO Shippuden looks
Featuring the new Quest Mode, allowing players to choose their favorite character and travel through tough mazes, collect items and explore the environment
3D Fighting on DS V Gamers can duke it out in fast-paced, high intensity fights in 3D on the Nintendo DS
Wireless Multiplayer Battles V Players can test their skills against friends in the wireless battle mode
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