Nintendo DS lite
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Date 2006-06-12
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2006-06-23
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell: It may have taken the world by storm with its huge range of genuinely innovative new games but there’s no denying that the Nintendo DS is not exactly the most portable of portable consoles. That’s all changed now with this sleek and sexy new update.The lowdown:When the Nintendo DS was first announced it was dismissed by many as a white elephant – with a gimmicky interface and underpowered graphics. Over 15 million sales later and the story is a little different. The DS Lite is fully compatible with all existing Nintendo DS (and Game Boy Advance) games but it’s smaller, sleeker and lighter – with a new design that perfectly matches the forthcoming Nintendo Revolution console. The most impressive feature is the new backlit screens which offer the sharpest image ever seen on a portable console. The DS Lite is available in three separate colours: Crystal White, Enamel Navy and Ice Blue.Most exciting feature: The DS Lite now has four brightness settings – the highest is brighter than even the PSP and is clearly visible in any lighting condition. That sound? That'll be Sony executives running to the hills - wearing sunglasses.Since you ask:The Nintendo DS is the fast selling console ever in Japan. When the DS Lite was released in March it sold out instantly, with queues of over 1,000 people a common siteThe bottom line: The DS gets a face lift to become Nintendo’s best looking portable ever.Harrison Dent

- It's less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and more than 20 percent lighter.
- Its two bright screens can be adjusted to four levels to adapt to different lighting conditions and to extend battery power.
- The microphone sits in the center of the unit, and the LED lights are clearly visible whether the unit is open or closed.
- The stylus is 1 centimeter longer and 1 millimeter thicker than the stylus of the original, and slides into a side storage slot.
- The Start and Select buttons were repositioned for easier access.
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