Genre Simulation -> Simulation
Today's Rank 1106
Date 2005-08-23
Publisher Nintendo
Date 2005-10-31
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtPut a puppy inside your Nintendo DS. Players care for and train their puppy by petting it, walking it and buying it supplies to play with. As a puppy competes in obedience and agility trials, owners can win money to purchase other puppy breeds. Players socialize their pups by walking them around town, where they'll meet neighborhood dogs, and maybe even find new toys. Trips to the park and gym offer valuable training time to prepare for agility trials and disc competitions.

- Put a puppy inside your Nintendo DS with this fun simulation game
- Pick a puppy from a variety of breeds available at the beginning of the game
- Use your own personal voice commands to train the dog to do tricks
- Earn money in obedience and agility trials and disc competitions
- Interact with friends; set DS to bark when another puppy is in wireless range
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Nintendogs Trailer #2
13.49MB - 366 downloads - 6 July, 2005

You must buy a dog in the beginning of the game and take care of it. If you're good at what you're doing, you'll win lots of shows and get enough money to buy all sorts of items or another puppy breeds to keep you company. The US version of the game will come in three different packages, each with six different breeds of puppies to begin with, including three breeds – golden retriever, husky and boxer – not available in the Japanese version.

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Nintendogs E3 2005 Trailer
7.76MB - 127 downloads - 19 May, 2005

Nintendogs E3 2005 Trailer

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