Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 320
Date 2005-04-26
Publisher Namco
Date 2005-05-20
Publisher Nintendo
North America Retail Box ArtPac Pix is a fun new platform adventure starring the first great hero of the arcades! One day a mischievous wizard invented "Ghost Ink." Everything drawn with the Ghost Ink turned into Ghosts. As the Ghosts cause havoc around Pac World, Pac-Man moves in to beat them with his Magic Pen -- but he's been captured in a piece of paper! Now it's up to you. Draw Pac-Man and control him with your stylus, bringing peace and quiet back to the world. You can even blow things up by drawing bombs!

- Use the stylus to draw Pac-Man, and watch as he comes to life on-screen for a totally new gameplay experience
- How big is your Pac-Man? When you encounter the big Ghost Boss, draw a bigger Pac-Man so you can eat him!
- Control his movements - Draw a wall, and Pac-Man will change direction; when you place the stylus on a moving Pac-Man, he stops. Maximize Pac-Man's movements and eat all the Ghosts
- Shoot down the Ghosts with arrows you draw on the screen
- Collect items as they appear, to earn new abilities
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