Petz Catz Playground
Genre Kids -> Kids
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Date 2010-10-26
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2010-10-26
Publisher Ubisoft
Ubisoft’s Petz® Catz® Playground is the perfect gift for cat and kitten lovers. Players can care for and bond with the cutest kittens and with so many breeds to choose from, every kitten is unique. Discover each cat’s personality as you adopt and take care of them. They might grow into sassy cats who feel at home when you host photo shoots for them, or talented cats who love playing catch in the yard. Sassy or active, each cat will need to be well-fed and cared for to be happy. After raising a few kittens into cats, you may breed them and care for them in Petz Nursery™. Once they are grown they can come back to the Catz Playground and play all of the fun activities.
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