Pony Friends
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 5811
Date 2007-05-29
Publisher Eidos
Date 2007-05-18
Publisher Eidos
Choose from 7 breeds and create and customise your very own pony. Make sure it is well groomed, clean and happy. Take it for trail rides to keep it fit and watch out for birds, animals and hidden rare gifts to collect. Make your pony beautiful with gifts and matching sets of accessories ensuring your pony is the best pony in the whole stables!

Brush with the stylus to make sure itís the best-groomed pony in the stable
Clean your pony with shampoo and conditioner to give it a shiny coat
Find new trail entrances and hidden gifts by touching the screen on a trail ride
Spot animals on trail rides with the stylus
Use the stylus to write the name of your pony
Place rosettes and update your secret diary everyday
Use the stylus to remove stones from your ponyís shoes
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