Puchi Puchi Virus
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
Today's Rank 22699
Date N/A
Publisher NIS America Inc
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
In Puchi Puchi Virus, the usual 'object drop' style was replaced with a more intuitive system of 'object linkage'. The object is to form at least a single triangle formation by linking viruses together and erasing them from the screen. Victory conditions vary from mission to mission, but erasing all of the viruses will be the fundamental rule of this game. Erase all the viruses and you win, but if the screen gets filled with the emerging viruses you lose. Note: there is a twist to this system that gives depth to the game play. Viruses turn to stone if left alone for a while, which cannot be selected to form a triangle. However, these stones can be erased if they are within a triangle that you create. With a little luck and practice players can rake in massive points by letting the viruses turn to stones and erasing them all at once.
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