Puffins: Let's Roll
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2010-04-28
Date 2010-04-28
The baby Puffins needs your help! Reunite the missing baby puffin eggs with their mothers in Puffin: Let’s Roll! An easy-to-use control scheme lets you roll eggs in two game modes over 20 levels of fiendish puzzles. Beware of rocks, trees, ice and other hazards as you roll the eggs back to the safety of their mothers but take too long or bump into too many obstacles and you’ll have a cranky baby Puffin on your hands. So hurry up and get those eggs back home!

• Use innovative controls to roll the Puffin egg around rocks, starfish and trees to reunite it with its mother.
• Race the clock or collect golden capelin in two exciting game modes.
• Puzzle through 20 devious levels of jumps, bridges, geysers and other hazards.
• Travel through lush, beautiful, 3D environments to original music by Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea.
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