Puzzle Bobble Galaxy
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
An unmanned spaceship suddenly descends from the skies. Just for the fun of it, the brothers Bub and Bob board the ship and begin pushing buttons at random... Before they know it, the ship moves into action! Just then, a transmission comes over the ship's Comm. line -- A voice crying, "Help!"

Unknown to Bub and Bob, several planets have “doors” in their vicinity that lead to an alternate dimension. These doors have been opening, releasing a flood of bubbles that turn into hazardous space-debris; causing problems for the planets’ inhabitants. Because Bub and Bob's planet is the only one that doesn't have debris, it was decided that a small spacecraft would be sent there to call for help. Bub and Bob learn that to close the doors leading to alternate dimensions, they have to use Cosmo Bubbles: high-energy concentrations that float around outer space. So they set off to an area where Debris Bubbles drift, for within their numbers…the Cosmo Bubbles lie hidden out of sight!

The brothers get their hands on a Cosmo Bubble and arrive at a door that’s releasing Debris Bubbles… but lying in wait is a giant Boss protecting the passageway!

Enhanced Presentation - Even flashier Item Effects than the typical Puzzle Bobble that covers the screen as you enjoy gameplay without hindrance.
Shops - Accumulate points in various modes, and use them to buy merchandise. Merchandise includes extra modes, sound test, staff roll bubbles & arrows
Factory: A new mode you have to clear using a limited number of bubbles.
Pressure: A new mode in which you only have one bubble to clear the stage.
Puzzle: An addition to the normal puzzle.
World View Construction - Following the 20+ year history of Bub’s world, this release has cameos from familiar characters
Wireless Battles - Heat things up with 2-4 player multi-play through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection & DS Wireless Play connectivity.
New Versus & Communications rules - Destroy and acquire special bubbles that appear in the top screen, then use them to torment your opponents with various Effects and give yourself the advantage!
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